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Monday, July 23rd, 2018

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Sri Lanka held its first membership drive for the year 2018 at the National Transport Commission (NTC) on 28 June. Chairperson, CILT Sri Lanka, Ms. Gayani de Alwis, CMILT, Council Members, CILT Sri Lanka, Mr. H. A. Premaratne, FCILT and Dr. Priyangani Jayasundara, CMILT attended the event. The NTC membership drive was organised by Council Member, CILT Sri Lanka, Ms. Vijitha Weerasinghe, CMILT, Director Planning, NTC.

Chairperson, CILT Sri Lanka, in her welcome address mentioned that, CILT is the only Chartered international professional body in the country for professionals engaged in logistics, transport and supply chain and its main aim is to promote continuous professional education in the sectors to uplift professionalism and create value to the economy. It was a great day for both CILT and NTC, due to fact that Eng. M. A. P. Hemachandra, Chairman, NTC took the first step in becoming a member of CILT Sri Lanka. Dr. D. M. S. Dissanayake, Director General, NTC too attended the membership drive.

Chairperson during her address further emphasised that CILT’s role is both passenger and goods transport in all modes of transport in road & rail, maritime and aviation and highlighted that NTC plays a vital role in Sri Lanka’s road transport sector and invited all NTC professionals to come forward and work together with CILT Sri Lanka to develop the industry.

Longstanding fellow member of CILT Sri Lanka, Mr. H. A. Premaratne shared how his career journey in the transport sector, with added CILT professional qualifications helped him to climb up the career ladder from a graduate executive to General Manager, CTB, Director Planning, Ministry of Transport and Highways and competent authority for private bus transport for central province. He urged all those members of CILT and who were present to invest in continuous professional education and become members of CILT.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is a leading global professional body associated with the logistics, transport and supply chain industry. The Institute holds unparalleled international recognition and works towards achieving its objectives of promoting, encouraging and co-ordinating the study of the science and art of logistics and transport through its membership and its educational qualifications. With a global membership of over 34,000 in 34 countries across the globe, CILT provides a professional identity to those in the ever expanding logistics and transport sectors. It is a strong, active and a unified professional association that is able to speak with authority on strategic issues affecting businesses and people in the industry and support their careers.

NTC Chairman handing over the National Transport Statistics 2016 to CILT Sri Lanka Chairperson

Left to Right

Ms. Vijitha Weerasinghe, CMILT (Director Planning, NTC), Dr. D. M. S. Dissanayake (Director General, NTC), Ms. Gayani de Alwis, CMILT (Chairperson, CILT Sri Lanka), Eng. M. A. P. Hemachandra (Chairman, NTC), Dr. Priyangani Jayasundara, CMILT (Council Member, CILT Sri Lanka), Mr. H. A. Premaratne, FCILT (Council Member, CILT Sri Lanka), Mr. Ajith Samaratunga (Secretary General, CILT Sri Lanka)

Membership drive in session