Supply Chain and Logistics in the Digital Age


Supply chain management

    Strategic supply chain management – (supply chain strategy)
    Supply chain planning
    Sourcing and procurement
    Demand management
    Resilient/Agile supply chains
    Quality management and control

Digital supply chains and supply chain collaboration

Logistics and supply chain network optimization

Logistics management and operations

    Transport operations and management
    Logistics issues in developing countries
    Customer service and service quality

Environmental and socio-economic aspects of supply chain and logistics

    Green/Sustainable supply chains

Humanitarian logistics

Port and maritime logistics

Aviation logistics

Healthcare logistics

Military logistics

Monitoring and evaluation in supply chain management

Organizing Committee

General Chair
Prof. Renuka Herath

Programme Chair
Dr. H.R. Pasindu
Dr. Varuna Adikariwattage

Publication Chair
Dr. Sabeen Sharic
Dr. Ishani Dias

Financial Chair
Mr. Shaja Musthaffa

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